The Last 3 Things I Bought on eBay

Life moves a little bit slower in quarantine. Here’s how the last three items I’ve purchased on the internet’s original Walmart adequately explain my quarantine lifestyle.

This Garfield flag for my room.

You can buy this beauty here.

This flag currently hangs above my television. At $16 shipped, there are some corners that have been cut. Garfield looks suspiciously yellow and and the cartoonist’s signature has been edited to the point it looks like random scribblings. Neither of these things bother me enough to not display it. 

The flag is very insightful about my coronacation. While school is very important, I’ve found I’ve had the opportunity to relax and focus on the important things in life. What I like about this one in particular is that it is more than just your typical frat college glad. Garfield is an icon. 

Just call my school and tell them I died.

A Minolta 50mm camera lens 

You can expect a lens like this in good condition to sell anywhere between $30-60.

This past spring, I bought a cheap point-and-shoot 35 mm film camera. That camera left me wanting to dive deeper into the world of analog photography, leading to the purchase of my first big boy camera; a Minolta X-370..

The X-370 was released the same year that Ronald Reagan won his second term, 1984. Outside of automatic shutter speed, this camera doesn’t offer much assistance in ensuring a quality image. 

Thanks to hours of Youtube videos, I felt comfortable with the camera by my second roll of film. If you’re just starting to shoot with film and have a little background with digital photography the X-370 is a great camera to start with. I actually learned how to use a camera in manual settings on it. The image quality of film is comparable to a modern digital camera, and the process is a lot of fun. 

A pleasant introduction to photography.

When a 36 year old camera takes images that look better than a phone, it becomes clear that a camera is a tool that’s capable of anything when in the right hands. 

Your lens is just as important as your camera though, and this lens is a great addition to my 300mm lens. I have three rolls of film worth of photos from the summer shot with this lens that I can’t wait to develop. Walgreen’s charges $15 to develop film, but that includes prints and digital files.

A 50mm lens is a must-buy for any photographer.

A plain Champion hoodie

Who doesn’t need more loungewear? You can buy this sweatshirt here, but waiting for a sale is a good way to buy.

I’ve worn sweats abnormally often the last six months, so this $20 buy is well worth it. A hoodie is one of the most versatile items of clothing a person can buy and Champion is a reliable brand.

Comfort can be so affordable some times.

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